DarkMatter Organics is a Living Soil Food Web solutions company with operations based in Mattawa, Washington, and Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. We are committed to helping farmers, growers, and gardeners get the most out of their crops by repairing and energizing their soil with balanced and bioavailable organic nutrients, while promoting and sustaining microbiota within the soil environment. This holistic approach allows all growers -organic, transitional, and conventional- to achieve higher yields and better quality while reducing overall fertilizer and pesticide cost. Our products are American-made with quality ingredients from sustainable sources, and have earned the rigorous OMRI standard for our full line of organic nutrients, trace mineral amendments, organic pest control, microbe blends, and compost teas.

Stop treating your soil like dirt! Call DarkMatter today to begin a comprehensive Living Soil Analysis and recharge your grow.

Dark Matter Organics, LLC


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