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DarkMatter is pleased to offer these American-Made and OMRI-Listed products; please call for pricing.



Dakota Peat Soil and Plant Enhancer: A truly unique reed sedge peat humus used by turf, tree, and crop professionals around the world. DarkMatter is proud to be a distributor for this great product and company. Guaranteed to reduce turf operation costs by 30% or more. The industry standard for over 30 years; more at Dakota Peat and REV


Dakota REV: A versatile liquid format of the naturally occurring Dakota Peat for use on all plants in all stages. Improves water relationship, nutrient chelation and uptake, and adds beneficial microbes inherent in the humus. Increases quality and yield and can reduce overall fertility and chemical budget with a small application.


Prima Materia: Humic acids, beneficial microbes and ocean trace minerals for use as a starter or foliar spray.


Table Runner: Over 70 trace minerals derived from seawater. In soluble liquid format for maximum nutrient uptake.
SeaFertility: Fully chelated symbiotic growth stimulator derived from organic kelp. For use as a seed treatment, germinator, and foliar feed.
SoiLive Complete: Our broad-spectrum organic essential nutrient package incorporates humates, trace minerals, and balanced soluble carbohydrates. Using EveryGreen reduces overall fertilizer cost while increasing photosynthesis, yield, brix, and vigor.
EveryGreen Carb: A 100 percent bioavailable carbohydrate for fast growth and biostimulation in times of crop stress. For use in the row on seed, soil-applied or as a yield-boosting foliar feed.
Bud Suds: An advanced surfactant/adjuvant derived from organic sources to increase absorption and effectiveness of all pesticides and chemicals, saving waste and dramatically cutting chemical cost.
Mit-E Soap: Organic, toxic chemical-free pest control product for use on all soft-bodied insects. Safe and effective.